• 1992-07-24
  • ‘We’re talking Nottingham here dearly beloved, Ultraviolence on Safe records a second single.’
  • Peel sets a competition to win a Lithuanian release of the Pixies' Trompe Le Monde album and asks listeners what is Black Francis' (singer of the Pixies) real name?
  • John admits that the last couple of weekend shows have been pre-recorded as he has been on a BBC World Service trip to St Petersburg initially and then on a London double decker bus visiting Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania .(Isector)
  • JP seems ebuillent (in the first half of the show) following his trip to Russia and the Baltic States (Isector).
  • JP is pretty restrained throughout; this is a low key show which lacks much of the sarcasm we know and love. The music seems mediocre as a result, which may be unfair
  • Show features a number of tracks from JP's recent trip to Russia. Information on these tracks is a little vague
  • Show also contains what may be the strangest Radio 1 promo ever. It sounds like Annie Nightingale basically faking an orgasm over a remixed Tubular Bells to promote her Sunday Night 8-10 show – What The F*&! Was that?
  • NEWS: Hopes are arising over Iraq allowing weapons inspectors in after new UN resolution – who knows which resolution this one was! Pablo Escobar escapes from jail - offer of surrender rejected by Columbian authorities
  • Full show - with the first 90 and last 90 minutes recorded by two separate contributors. There is a short overlap in the recordings starting between tracks 6 'Western Opera' and 7 'Its Its Its ..' of the Buttsteak session.
  • File c covers a tape flip.


  • Th' Faith Healers #3 First broadcast. Recorded 1992-07-05. Available on the Ba Da Bing CD – Peel Sessions
  • Buttsteak #1 Repeat of only session. First broadcast 15 May 1992. Recorded 1992-03-31. The seven tracks are played together without a break. No known commercial release.


JP: 'I have a confession to make, regular listeners to the programme would know... the last couple of weekends of programmes sort of pre-recorded, the truth must be told, and this was because I was with the BBC World Service trip to, well initially St Petersburg, but then setting off in a London double decker bus in a promotional thing through Tallinn, Estonia, and down into Latvia, Riga, then into Lithuania, Vilnius. I would recommend if you ever get the chance to visit Vilnius particularly, you should go before it's touristified you know, because at the moment it is a stunning beautiful place, a beautiful place I've ever been in my life and over the next few weeks, I should be sorting out various cassettes and records things that I've been given, whilst I was there and playing the best among them on the radio and boring you to death with stories about my trip to the Baltic states, my goodness me we had fun'.
11:30 news
Tape flip
John suggests there is a tribute to Simon Bates in the next song. If you listen carefully to the chorus you can just make out what sounds like the word "Wanker". There can be no finer tribute.
JP: 'For me that will always be “Our Tune”'.
JP: A seriously neat session I think. 7 tunes from Buttsteak
JP brought these two tracks back from his recent trip to Russia. 
JP: Listeners over the last few weeks will have heard tracks from a classic LP from “Carnage Press” in the USA. I have explained it 3 or 4 times so can’t do it again. Anyway here’s another excellent track from what I rather fatuously called the first indispensable album of the 1990s.
JP: A "Golden Gasser from yester year"
JP: A bit of a gem I am sure you’ll agree
JP: Now this is actually an identifiable release, but a bit hard to get hold of unless you actually live in Russia
JP: Stull is apparently a ghost town at the geographical center of America that is rich in Satanism or something
NOTE: Strangest Promo Ever? What appears to be Annie Nightingale nearly faking an orgasm over a remixed Tubular Bells to promote her Sunday Night 8-10 show – What The F*&! Was that?
JP announces that tomorrow night there will be a new Babes In Toyland session. He has an advance cassette of some tracks from Fontanelle and proceeds to play them all
NOTE: JP indicates “Last tonight from the Th’ Faith Healers” confirming this is the last half of the show
JP: That track is called Get thee “terrifically rude word” out of my face
(news & start of Lynn Parsons show)


  • a) IAP Tapes: tapes 09a & 09b
  • b) Peel Show 1992-07-24
  • c) Shonen Knife
  • a) tape09a 47:33, tape09b 47:23
  • b) 03:00:58
  • c) 1:25:45 (to 41:48)
  • a) Part of IAP's Tapes. Date derived not from tape but from cross referencing the session dates
  • b) Complete show: many thanks to both tapers. Edited and level adjusted by