• 1979-07-24
  • Start of show: “Eyes down for another two hours of rollicking fun – clean fun as well, I’m pleased to say. Two sessions tonight, one from the Monitors, now on RSO Records, home of the Bee Gees, and the other from the highly influential Scritti Politti. Amongst the records, a lot of stuff obviously, but there’s a record from the Mike Read collection, as you may have heard him mention earlier on, tracks from ‘Mods Mayday 79’, the Poison Girls and the Fatal Microbes, Sham 69 live from London February 1978. And to start the programme, This Is Your Life.
  • Jackson Browne track dedicated to Sheila, as it’s a favourite of hers and she hasn’t been feeling well.
  • Scratched 1965 single by Boys Blue has been borrowed from Mike Read.
  • Peel missed the chance to go and see Adam & The Ants in Bradford at the weekend – “which was rather foolish of me.”
  • The Scottish town of Galashiels gets a couple of mentions.



(JP: “California 1979, and this was California 1974.”)
  1. I Don't Wanna (Live)
  2. Rip Off (Live)
  3. I'm A Man, I'm A Boy (Live)
  4. Tell Us The Truth (Live) – tape flip after track is announced
(JP: “Well you must know that one by now. And don’t forget when it’s in the charts, though, where you heard it first. People always do, you know.” He then runs through the highlights of that week's new chart.)
  1. Time For Action
  2. Let Your Heart Dance

(cuts out, end of show)


  • 1979 07 24 #1 (Monitors, Scritti Politti)
  • 1979 07 24 #2 (Monitors, Scritti Politti)
  • 1979 07 24 #3 (Monitors, Scritti Politti)
  • 1979 07 24 #4 (Monitors, Scritti Politti)
  • 1979 07 24 #5 (Monitors, Scritti Politti)
  • 1979 07 24 #6 (Monitors, Scritti Politti)
  • 13.20
  • 19.44
  • 19.45
  • 19.51
  • 19.52
  • 19.44

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