• 1968-07-24
  • Tracklisting compiled from a recording of the show, with the help of Paul Bryant's Night Ride Playlists and Ken Garner's The Peel Sessions.
  • The music and poetry session(s) for this programme are provided by one group - The Occasional Word Ensemble, called in Paul's playlist the Occasional Music Ensemble. This may be a mistake, but it is possible that the band re-named itself, or were re-named by Peel, for the spoken word part of this session.
  • The Peel Sessions lists Roy Harper and Harry Lund as additional studio guests. Based on the show recording, Lee Jackson of the Nice was also in the studio and said a couple of words ("Tim Rose").
  • The musical items from the Occasional Word Ensemble session and the Dave Kelly track (from the soon to be released Matchbox Records compilation LP Blues Like Showers of Rain) reflect the British country blues revival, which peaked around this time. As Ken Garner points out (The Peel Sessions, pp. 50-51), Peel's Night Ride regularly featured homegrown revivalists, as well as original blues recordings such as the 1930 Robert Wilkins track included here. Towards the end of the show Peel observes that it has been very blues-flavoured and recommends a forthcoming anthology LP, Screening The Blues, compiled to accompany a book of the same name by blues scholar Paul Oliver.
  • Peel chats to Harry Lund (real name Harald Are Lund, Norwegian broadcaster, who some call the John Peel of Norway) about which English bands are popular in Norway and the Norwegian band, Difference. Peel mentions that he obtained their single in the evening, and plays one side of it.
  • Peel mentions that he will be going to see Ustad Vilayat Khan at the Odeon, Swiss Cottage, the following Sunday (1968-07-28) after that day's Top Gear. Roy Harper apologises for a doublebooking that means he won't be able to make his scheduled appearance at Hyde Park the same day (the Nice will replace him on the bill).




  1. Probably "Waltzing In The Moonlight" from the LP Together, which wasn't released in the US until August 1968, so the track may have been played on a later date.


  • 1968-07-24 Night
  • 1968-07-24 John Peel Nightride BBC Radio 1.mp3
  • 55:00
  • Sound is fairly good quality. Original recording was from FM (mono) to reel-to-reel, and was dubbed to cassette sometime in the 1980s. Uploaded file is from cassette dub. Original reel-to-reel tape is currently missing -- if it is found, an upgrade could be made.
  • Please address all re-up requests to Peel Mailing List.

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