• John Peel's Sunday Concert
  • 1971-01-24
  • The Atomic Rooster set was released on Live And Raw 1970-71, along with the band's set from the 12 April 1970 concert show, although the lineup had changed between the two dates.
  • Tracklisting details for the Satisfaction set are taken from the BBC Sessions spreadsheet available for download at the BBC Radio International site. It is unclear whether the tracks appear in the order broadcast. As far as is known, this set has been officially released. Please add extra information if known.
  • A low quality recording of the show, including Peel intros and concentrating on the Atomic Rooster set, has been shared by Peel Mailing List member [Jim.] Many thanks to him.


  • Atomic Rooster live, recorded Paris Theatre, date presumably as below
  • Satisfaction live, recorded 1971-01-14, venue presumably as above


  • File 1 begins as John introduces Satisfaction. It then fades out during the start of the first track (uncertain which track that is)
  • Satisfaction live
  • Cold Summer
  • Just Like Friends
  • You Upset The Grace Of Living When You Lie
  • Go Through Changes
  • File 1 resumes with the final track from Satisfaction back announced.
  • File 2 begins at the start of the Atomic Rooster set.
  • Atomic Rooster
  • Sleeping For Years
  • V.U.G.
  • Tomorrow Night
  • I Can't Take No More
  • Files 1,2 end as applause fades out


  • 1) John Peel's Sunday Concert 1971.01.24 Atomic Rooster.mp3
  • 2) Atomic Rooster | Live And Raw 70/71 @2000
  • 1) 27:11
  • 2) 57:14 (from 28:20)
  • File 1 appears to run faster than File 2. File 2 is in general fuller sound, with more bass, but it doesn seem to fade in to a more transistor-like quality from the start of the 3rd track to a little way in to the final track, suggesting that this portion was sourced from the first recording.