• John Peel Show
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1995-02-24
  • John compares the Elastica track favourably to 'Teenage Kicks', and threatens to play it twice in the same night: it would appear from the track listing that he did.
  • Safe Deposit seem to have given Peel a non-existent fax number: nonetheless, he proclaims the record to be 'rather wonderful'.
  • The Conemelt LP's 'unbroadcastable' title is given by JP as 'You Knitters Knit' instead. He subsequently plays a track requested by them, which they describe as 'splendidly pompous'.
  • Show is now complete.


  • Badgewearer, one and only session. Recorded 1995-01-24. No known commercial release.
  • Orb, #4. Recorded 1995-02-14. Available on The Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit).


(JP: 'Travel time with Uncle Andy.')
(JP: 'That's Badgewearer from Glasgow: this show's spiritual home, I sometimes think.')
(JP: 'Slampt Records, label of the year? They get my nomination for sure.')
(JP: 'I've actually given myself a headache in the course of this programme so far, and I don't care.')
(JP (after giving Badgewearer's contact details): 'I hope you have better luck getting in touch with them than we've had getting in touch with these people.')


  • 1) peel_95-02-24b
  • 2) peel_95-02-24a__the_Orb_.mp3
  • 3) Peel 95-02-24 (Badgewearer).mp3
  • 4) Peel 95-02-24b (Badgewearer).mp3
  • a) Peel Show 1995-02-24 (incomplete)
  • 1) 47:55
  • 2) 26:15
  • 3) 46:21
  • 4) 21:32
  • a) 1:34:29
  • 1) and 2) Rather bass light recording from near? beginning of show to Teengenerate track: many thanks to Peel Mailing List user bty997881.
  • 3) and 4) Fuller sound, from Taho track to end of show.
  • a) File created from CB075 of 500 Box. Some FM drift and static on this mono recording.
  1. This track made the year's Festive Fifty at number 50.

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