• 1992-12-24
  • An all-record show of festive tunes, introduced by John as "the records that Santa Claus forgot, guaranteed Greg Lake-free." The Radio Times announced it as "great Christmas records that never made the charts!"
  • Before the Black Ace track, John mentions that he saw Ace play live (and afterwards that he comes from Fort Worth, Texas: this was the place where JP had to go for a medical once). Then admits that he can't remember whether the fact he saw him live is true or not.
  • The group named the Wailers is not Bob Marley's group, and JP jokes about this.
  • Following the Lonnie Brooks track, John states that while he was playing the song Christmas Day began. He then proceeds to give a complete rundown of Radio One's Christmas Day programmes, culminating in his own, featuring the Festive Fifty.
  • Comment after the Carla Thomas track: "I rather dislike Christmas parties myself, to be honest with you: I always seem to end up in the kitchen talking with a bunch of people that I don't know about loft insulation. Perhaps I'm going to the wrong parties."
  • This programme is not listed in the shows section of Ken Garner's Peel Sessions: a news bulletin thirty minutes in refers to Caspar Weinberger's pardon.


  • None



  • John Peel's Other Christmas Records 1992-12-24 NB Note incorrect file name
  • 01:59:50
  • Produced by Mike Hawkes.

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