• 1980-12-24
  • Third of five shows featuring the 1980 Festive Fifty.
  • Only the Festive Fifty rundown is currently available.



22:30 1980 Festive Fifty

  1. 22:33 Adam & The Ants: "Kings of the Wild Frontier" (Kings of the Wild Frontier, 1980) Epic
  2. 26:40 The Damned: "Love Song" (Machine Gun Etiquette, 1979) Chiswick Records
  3. 28:58 Only Ones: "Another Girl, Another Planet" (The Only Ones, 1978) Columbia
  4. 32:28 Stiff Little Fingers: "Wasted Life" [single version] ("Suspect Device" 7" single, 1978) Rough Trade / Rigid Digits ???
  5. 35:59 The Fall: "How I Wrote 'Elastic Man'" (7" single, 1980) Rough Trade
    "Now this, after a lot of competition and a lot of soul seaching and agony, personal agony, in the middle of the night sitting up in bed staring at the ceiling, I decided that this was probably my favourite single of the year, so I'm very pleased to see it at #26 in the Festive Fifty. [...] I'm gonna try and play that in the course of DLT's Yuletide DJ dinner tomorrow evening, tomorrow afternoon rather, on Radio One, starting at 12:35. Will they play the whole record, I wonder? We will see."
  6. 40:30 Sex Pistols: "God Save The Queen" (Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols, 1977) Virgin Records
  7. 43:44 Stiff Little Fingers: "Suspect Device" [single version] (7" single, 1978) Rough Trade / Rigid Digits ???
  8. 46:30 Sex Pistols: "Pretty Vacant" (Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols, 1977) Virgin Records
  9. 49:52 Joy Division: "She's Lost Control" [12" version] (12" single, 1980) Factory
  10. 54:18 Fall: "Totally Wired" (7" single, 1980) Rough Trade
  • 57:42 [closing music] Grinderswitch: "Pickin' the Blues" (Macon Tracks) Capricorn Records


  • JP19801224.mp3
  • 39:36
  • Very good stereo sound at 256 kbps. Many thanks to Peel Mailing List member ray_b2 for uploading this show.


  1. Comment during the 23 December 1980 show

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