• 2002-10-23
  • Peel opens the show with an introduction spoken in his all-purpose foreign accent. His old favourite, "many helloings I give to you" is given another outing towards the end of the Chris Liberator track.
  • The programme should have featured a session by Kid606, but "the music he was going to send us has not arrived and he's not been in touch. We've emailed and phoned - rien, as they say in France. And if we get the chance, I think it's fair to say we'll kick his ass."
  • There is a competition in the programme to win a pair of tickets to see the Bays, Echoboy and the P Brothers at the Nottingham Boat Club next Wednesday (30 October 2002), performances which form part of Radio One's One Live in Nottingham week.
  • Staying with Nottingham, a member of Antihero emails in to say that they've had £2000 of equipment stolen while staying overnight in the city.
  • A listener asks John if he still broadcasts on the BFBS network. Peel says that he stopped doing so about three years ago: "When I signed off at BFBS, I thought they'd have some kind of celebration and a bit of a party, a bit of a knees-up... and instead of which, they just said they'd fired me. And that was that."
  • Peel confesses that his knowledge of the German language only stretches as far as being able to count to ten and say "my son" and "my daughter". Perhaps most usefully, "Rotwein bitte" is the only other thing I can say in German" he says.
  • Noel of the Nab Woodleys is in the studio with Peel.




  • John_Peel_20021023.mp3
  • 2:00:30

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