• 1982-12-23
  • Best sessions of the year were broadcast in the first part of the show together with the odd record, and the combined numbers 25 to 21 of the yearly and all-time Festive Fifties in the second. Until recently, only the chart rundown was available. However, from early February 2010, a new recording became available, including edited highlights of the session tracks and records portion of the show.
  • File 5 tracks marked §.
  • Session repeats information courtesy of Ken Garner.

Session Repeats


File 1 starts

(JP: 'You'd be forgiven, I think, for believing that that's called Living In Shadow.') § not on file 1
(JP: 'Somebody just told me I was sounding arrogant and cocky tonight. I'd give anything to be arrogant and cocky. Or either one of them.') §
  • Serious Drinking: 'He's An Angry Bastard But I Like Him' (Peel Session) § from 27:21 not on file 1
  • New Order: 'We All Stand' (Peel Session) § not on file 1
(JP: 'Well, I'm fairly convinced that I'm losing my senses, I must admit. That was New Order and We All Stand, but if that was We All Stand, that means the one I said earlier on wasn't Turn The Heater On, was Turn The Heater On. Didn't sound like Turn The Heater On to me. Anyway, it's all terribly confusing, and it gives a kind of mystical touch to Christmas, don't you feel that? Said he desperately.') § to 36:21 not on file 1

File 2 begins

1982 Festive Fifty: Numbers 25-21

(JP: 'When I started all of this, I think I intimated then that I thought the all-time favourites list was fairly predictable. I suppose it was bound to be, but I reckon I could have written most of it out at almost any time during the past year. There aren't that many surprises in it, but in your favourites of this year, I think it's a much more interesting chart. I mean, who would have thought that there would have been three tracks from the Cure's 'Pornography' LP in it? This is the third.')
JP: 'I was a little late in coming to an appreciation of this next record, but having once got there, I was fully appreciative for a number of months, and I'm very glad to see it in your favourites from 1982. Should have been higher, though, I think.')
(JP: 'Several people expressed some confusion over these two charts running parallel to one another, including the producer of Top Of The Pops, who said he couldn't make head or tail of it.')
(JP: 'That's probably my favourite Joy Division track.')
(JP: 'That Merseybeat, you can't beat it.') §
(JP: 'Still sounds wonderful to me.') §
(JP: 'I've got to launch myself into a stunningly cold night here in London. I hope you all have a good Christmas, and I also hope that, while and if you are enjoying it, you remember that there are those who are not.')


  • 1) JP19821223_01.mp3
  • 2) JP19821223_02.mp3
  • 3) and 4) John Peel Festive Fifty 1982 Parts 11 & 12
  • 5) BH017 JP 1982-12-23 Sides A & B
  • 1) 00:30:37
  • 2) 00:46:33
  • 3) Part 11 - 00:20:22
  • 4) Part 12 - 00:26:36
  • 5) 00:55:27
  • 1) and 2) Very good stereo sound at 256 kbps. Many thanks to Peel Mailing List member ray_b2 for uploading this show. File 2) contains the whole FF section, as do Files 3) and 4) in a split recording.
  • 5) File created from BH017 of the Hinton Box. Fair FM stereo recording. Many thanks to Brian and Colin.

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