• 2001-08-23
  • Show comes from Peel Acres with Cat Power playing live.
  • JP appears slightly miffed that everybody seems to be having a good time in the kitchen (listening to Radio 2!) while he's working alone on the show.
  • It's explained that Cat Power's first name should be pronounced "Shawn" not "Chan".
  • "Ian The Tank Engine" gets a chorus of Happy Birthday and a "fantastically fattening and death-dealing" cake to celebrate his birthday the previous day.
  • Disappointment that Tom and Flossie fail to bring any Elvis impersonators back from the local pub. Apparently there had been nine of them.


  • Cat Power #2 (Live from Peel Acres). No known commercial release.
  • Note: The 3rd track "Islands" is missing from the listing in "The Peel Sessions - Ken Garner (BBC Books 2007)"


  • The White Stripes: 'Hotel Yorba' (Single) XL
  • Ward 21: 'Badda Badda' (LP 'Now Thing') Mo' Wax
  • The Apples In Stereo: 'Behind The Waterfall' (2CD 'More Tell-Tale Signs Of Earworm') Earworm
  • Cat Power: 'Untitled' (Peel Session)
  • Pulp: 'Roadkill' (LP 'We Love Life') Sanctuary (advance white label promo)
  • PSS2099: 'Shadows' (LP 'Men With Boxes') Djak-Up-Bitch
  • Life In A Burnt Clinic: 'Consumed' (LP 'Individual Rites') Prosthetic/Metal Blade
  • Betty Everett: 'Chained To A Memory'
  • Cat Power: 'Baby Doll' (Peel Session)
  • Biochip C: 'C Machinery' (LP '2001') Lux Nigra
  • Aereogramme: 'The Question Is Complete' (LP 'A Story In White') Chemikal Underground
  • The Birthday Party: 'Figure Of Fun' (LP 'The John Peel Sessions') Strange Fruit
  • Artie Shaw & The Gramercy Five: 'Bésame Mucho' (7" Single at 78rpm) (Pig's "Little" Big 78)
  • Cat Power: 'Islands' (Peel Session)
  • Phyllis Dillon: 'The Right Track' (LP 'Rocksteady Soul') Metro
  • Immortal Lee County Killers: Sometimes The Devil Sneaks Inside My Head (LP - The Essential Fucked Up Blues!) Estrus
  • Loudon Wainright III: 'Bridge' (LP 'Last Man On Earth') Evangeline
  • Sketch & Code: 'Reality' (12" Single) Intercom
  • Fotomoto: "Deep Ze' (Demo EP)
  • Kid Koala: 'Like Irregular Chickens' (LP 'Carpal Tunnel Syndrome') Ninja Tunes
  • Marlene Webber: 'The Right Track' (12" Single) Spiderman
  • Cat Power: 'Come On In My Kitchen' (Peel Session)
  • F Minus: 'White Collar Crime' (LP 'Suburban Blight') Hellcat
  • Charlie Kunz: 'Love Walked In / So Little Time / Says My Heart' (LP 'The Very Best Of') Prism Leisure
  • JP: "In case you've forgotten why it is I'm playing these records, it's because Charlie Kunz was my dad's favourite"
  • Dykehouse: 'Lost Copy' (LP 'Dynamic Obsolescence') Planet Mu
  • Hefner: 'China Crisis' (LP 'Dead Media') Too Pure
  • Ant: 'Magnetic Field (Positive Mix)' (?) Bang On
  • Laura Cantrell: 'Queen Of The Coast' (LP 'Not The Tremblin' Kind') Spit & Polish
  • Vaz: 'The Rheumatist' (LP 'Demonstrations In Micronesia') Load
  • Escanna: 'Me & The False Phophet' (7" Single) Errol


  • 45. John Peel 23-08-01.mp3
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