• 2000-08-23
  • Start of show: "I think I'm on the radio but I can't hear anything at all, but there you go. This is John Peel from our Maida Vale studios where we're going to be hearing Hefner live in about, um, 15 minutes' time."


  • Hefner session #6. Recorded live at Maida Vale. Available on "Maida Vale" Belka Records HEFCD 03


  • Benümb: 'Suffer' ( ) Relapse Records
  • Hefner: 'Good Fruit (Wisdom Of Harry remix)' (7" Single) Too Pure
  • Machel Montano & Xtatik: 'With Or Without You' (LP 'Any Minute Now') VP
  • Destroyer: 'Temple' (LP 'Thief') Triple Crown Audio/Cats Of Plate/Cave Canem
  • Hefner - Live from Maida Vale
1. Your Head To Your Toes
2. Greater London Radio
3. Don't Flake Out On Me
  • Konflict (Kemal & Rob Data): 'Bleed' (12" - The Mummy / Bleed ) Negative NTV001
  • 10 5 Neuton: 'Drawn As A Sketch' (EP 'Indian Rope Trick') Effortless
  • Luciano: 'La Luta Continua (The Struggle Continues)' (Pre-release) Soundbox
  • Tystion: 'Y Bid Hip Hop Vs Byd Cymraeg' (LP 'Hen Gelwydd Prydain Newydd') Ankst Musik
  • Laura Cantrell: 'Somewhere Some Night' (LP 'Not The Trembling Kind') Spit & Polish
  • Disorder: 'Roll Over' (LP '2nd. Gen') Position Chrome
  • *JP treats the audience to a verse from "A Wandering Minstrel" (Gilbert & Sullivan: "The Mikado")
  • Hefner - Live from Maida Vale
4. The Good Fruit
5. The Greedy Ugly People
6. The Cure For Evil
7. Don't Go
8. She Can't Sleep No More
9. The Day That Thatcher Dies
10. The Sad Witch


  • a) John Peel - 2000-08-23 (DAB) (DK recorded).mp3
  • b) jp000823
  • a) 02:00:31
  • b) 02:00:00
  • a) Many thanks to David and Gary!
  • b) Many thanks to Max-dat.
  • a) Not currently available online
  • b) Mooo

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