• John Peel Show
  • BBC Radio One
  • 2001-05-22
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  • Hopewell only session recorded 9th May 2001

(Please add details of any commercial release of these sessions)


  • Joe Ninety: Another Tuesday Song () Bombed Out Records
  • Boards Of Canada: Poppy Seeds Compilation (album - Slag Boom Van Loon: So Soon Remixes) Planet mu ZIQ=007
  • Ruins: Gharaviss Perrdoh (album - Pallaschtom) Magaibutsu MGC=17
  • Hopewell: There Is Something There Is Nothing (session)
  • Niney The Observer: No Conscience (album - Dub Original Bass Culture) Metro METRCD=046
  • Aspects: Groovy Baby () Hombre Records
  • Tortoise: Six Pack () Thrill Jockey Records
  • Locust: Gluing Carpet To Your Genital Does Not Make You A Canteloupe (EP - Untitled EP) Gold standard labora GSL=41
  • Stakka & Skynet (Feat D J Skinny): Straight Jacket () Underfire Records
  • Broken Dog: Home Is A Crevice In The Grass () Kitty Kitty Records
  • Hopewell: In The Small Places (session)
  • Ronnie Ronalde: If I Were A Blackbird (album - EMI Presents the Magic of Ronnie Ronalde) Emi 72435=3189228
  • Inigo Kennedy: Untitled (EP - Elevation Seven EP) Molecular recordings 1
  • Detroit Cobras: Hey Sailor (album - Life Love & Leaving) Sympathy For The Record Industry SPTRI=635
  • Detroit Cobras: Sout Bamalamar (album - Life Love & Leaving) Sympathy or The Record Industry SPTRI=635
  • Belle & Sebastian: The Loneliness Of The Middle-Distance Runner () Jeepster Records
  • Bing Crosby: Trade Winds (Pig's Big 78 2001): Columbia Records
  • Hopewell: Square Peg Teeth (session)
  • Soul Brother 6: What Can You Do When You Ain't Got Nobody () Kent Records
  • Strokes: Hard To Explain () Rough Trade Records
  • Nacao Zumbi: O Caranguejo Da Praia Das Virtudes (Madame Sata) () Stern's Brasil
  • Belleatec: Sophia () White Label
  • Montrose: Bad Motor Scooter () Warner Bros Records
  • Meanwhile, Back In Communist Russia: Morning After Pill (EP - I Only Wanted Something Else To Do But Hang Around) Tinfoil TINCD=1
  • Panacea: King Of The Jungle (album - The Hardest Tour on Planet Earth) Position chrome PC=55
  • Land Of Nod: nquetil () Silber Records
  • Hopewell: Contact (session)
  • Ricardo Autobahn: Oscillator Alligator () White Label
  • Defenestration: Glory () Dream Catcher Records


  • John Peel 22-05-01.mp3
  • 2:00:28

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