• 1978-05-22
  • Incomplete show. Final hour and 10 minutes.
  • Features old favourites David Gilmour (of Pink Floyd) and former Medicine Head member John Fiddler (in sessionists British Lions), alongside new talent.
  • After playing Rolling Stones track, Peel wonders whether the band should have “knocked it on the head after Satisfaction – I sometimes think so.”
  • Forced to play different Radio Birdman track when first choice is scratched. Also plays wrong side of Residents single first time round.
  • Expresses amazement Slits haven’t been recorded commercially and makes plea for them to be signed.




  • 01. RADIO 1 19 05 78 JOHN PEEL.MP3
  • 02. RADIO 1 03 06 78 JOHN PEEL.MP3
  • 03. John_Peel_16-06-78_1.mp3
  • 04. John_Peel_16-06-78_2.mp3
  • 05. John_Peel_16-06-78_3.mp3
  • 06. John_Peel_16-06-78_4.mp3
  • 07. John_Peel_16-06-78_5.mp3
  • (1) 01:11:15
  • The same material in the files above is also streamed in five parts on Radio Rewind.
  • Note that all the file names above are wrongly dated and refer to the same show. All are available on the same torrent compilation.
  • 01. includes all of what it available, except for a few words at the beginning of the clip.
  • 02. includes the missing words at the beginning (commenting on the previous Mink DeVille) but is only around half an hour.
  • 03-07 is basically the same as 01., divided into five parts.

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