• 1996-03-22
  • Several recordings are available. The first (a) includes the last 51 minutes of the show. The second (b) includes the first 2 hours 20 minutes of the show. File (c) has been made from (a) and (b). In addition file (d) contains edited dance and international tracks.


  • Fugees: #2 Recorded 22nd February 1996, first broadcast. The songs 'Blame It In The Sun' and 'Freestyle' are available on the Ruffhouse Records CD Single - Ready Or Not (CD2).
  • Panasonic: #1 Recorded 5th November 1995, repeat, originally broadcast 17 November 1995. No known commercial release.


Start of (b)
(10:30 news)
(JP: ‘If Paul Tomlin from near Bude in Cornwall is listening. I think we need a report on surf conditions Paul. If you would be so kind. For anybody who is planning any midnight surfing’.)
(JP: 'Played that last night on Mark Radcliffe’s programme actually. But [on] his copy of it the hole was roughly in the middle. On mine it's slightly off to one side. But it gives it an attractive quality I think. It’s a picture disc as well so you can forgive it almost anything.’)
(11:30 news)
Start of (a)
End of (b)

Tracks marked ~ available on File d


  • (a) John Peel 1996-03-26.mp3 (Note incorrect date)
  • (b) Peel Show 1996-03-22 (incomplete)
  • (c) 1996-03-22 John Peel BBC Radio 1
  • (d) Dat 106.mp3
  • (a) 00:51:57
  • (b) 02:20:32
  • (d) 4:03:54 (to 1:39:34)
  • Many thanks to both tapers, and to Bill for assembling the complete show at (c).
  • (d) Many thanks to Max-dat. On Dat 106.

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