• 1994-01-21
  • ‘ tonight's programme we’ve got the record of the year.’
  • The programme suffers from some ‘turntable trouble’ starting with the Cornershop track. John says a ‘SWAT team of engineers’ has rushed in to remove one turntable and replace it with another.
  • A recording of the first 90 minutes of the show is available, plus a few from mixtapes. Tracklistings for the remainder also included and marked §, details taken from Lorcan's Playlist Archive.


  • Ronnie Dawson, #1. Recorded: 1993-12-14. No known commercial release. The songs ‘Action Packed’ and ‘Up Jumped The Devil’ not included on the available recording.
  • Orbital, #1 (rpt). Recorded: 1993-08-05. First TX: 05 August 1993. Available on the Internal 12" / CD – Peel Session. Only the tracks ‘Semi Detached’ and ‘Attached’ are included on the recording.


(JP: ‘A golden gasser from 1966.’)
(JP: ‘As you probably gathered there’s a certain amount of confusion here in the studio, but hopefully we’ll get it sorted out for you in the next few minutes.’)
(10:30 news)
(JP: ‘Here at 1FM we may have crap turntables, but we’ve got great engineers and they’ve got a new one installed.’)
(JP: You want twangy guitars? We’ve got ‘em.’)
(11:30 news)


  • 1) Peel Show 1994-01-21 (incomplete)
  • 2) 1994-01-xx-02-xx
  • 3) best of peel vol 66 part 1 (with introductions)
  • 4) John Peel tape no.83 side b
  • 1) 01:33:43
  • 2) 01:19:51 (13:04-21:21)
  • 3) 00:47:25 (39:57-42:41)
  • 4) 00:46:14 (29:24-44:49) (29:24-40:44 unique)

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