• 1979-02-21
  • Start of show: "Another couple of life-enhancing hours of music for you. Two sessions tonight, the one from Essential Logic and the other from the Piranhas, the toast of the south coast - you can use that if you like, on the payment of a small royalty. Among the records there's Red Noise, Roger Chapman, the Stranglers and another lump hewn from their rather less than involving LP, the Shams, more Velvets (from 1969 of course), the Buzzcocks, the Clash, Spizz Oil, Graham Parker & The Rumour, and Thin Lizzy."
  • John mentions that his brother Frank can solve cryptic crossword clues in a second, leaving Peel baffled by how he reaches the answer.
  • The full tracklisting below is courtesy of John Peel Papers. Many thanks to the uploader to John Peel Papers at Facebook for sharing the information. [1]
  • The section from the Hinton Box (tracks marked §) was taped over in part by 03 April 1979, so there is a gap in what would otherwise have been an uninterrupted section of the show. However, the Piranhas session is complete.


  • Piranhas, #1. Recorded 1979-02-07. No known commercial release.
  • Essential Logic, #1. Recording 1979-02-06. No known commercial release. Listed in The Peel Sessions under Laura Logic.


  1. Straighten Out
  2. Curfew
  3. Do You Wanna? / Death And Night And Blood (Yukio)(Medley)


  • a) 1979-02-21 Tape 426.mp3
  • b) BH011 JP 1979-02-21 Sides A&B
  • a) 00:29:15
  • b) 00:41:40

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