• 2004-04-21
  • There is a competition in the programme to win a copy of the Strange Fruit New Order BBC sessions compilation CD (five of them are up for grabs).
  • Session guests Mr Airplane Man cover the Howlin' Wolf song played early in the show.
  • Peel is asked if he ever saw Howlin' Wolf live: "Well actually I did and it was a fantastically disappointing night. I went along with Peter Green who used to be in Fleetwood Mac and was an amazing guitar player and a really nice bloke. We went along to see him play at this kind of trendy club just around the corner from the BBC called the Speakeasy. He'd obviously been playing I think for too long for kind of, white college audiences and things, and he did a kind of Amos 'n' Andy routine which... made you feel really uncomfortable. He was really kind of mugging it up for the white folks. Peter Green actually I seem to remember was in tears by the end of it and I wasn't far off. It was really very depressing indeed."
  • Peel is bemused to hear from a listener that Hermeet cheers him up. JP: "How does he do that? How does Hermeet cheer him up when he just sits, reasonably quietly in a corner of the studio? Not quietly enough for me."
  • The subject of Molybdenum crops up again (see 06 January 2004). JP: "I've always wanted to own a piece of Molybdenum because it's such a great word. But is it radioactive or something? I've never seen a Molybdenum shop in Central London."
  • Peel spots that the session track officially named 'Black Cat Road' in the paperwork is actually 'Black Cat Bone', a cover of an original by Jessie Mae Hemphill (which Peel notes with regret is not in his collection). The group had released a version of this on their third LP, "Red Lite" in 2001. Indeed, Peel had played it on 17 January 2002.



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