• 2004-07-20
  • The Melys session is the source of confusion, as Peel manages to play the same track twice and only realises later.
  • There is a competition in the programme to win three copies of the Low compilation LP, 'A Lifetime Of Temporary Relief: 10 Years Of B-Sides and Rarities'.
  • Peel had suffered a bad weekend. "As some listeners will know, I'm supposed to be writing my autobiography... On Sunday I sat down and wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote for about six, seven hours. And it was all coming out and I thought, 'this is actually quite good, this.' ... And as I sat back after six or seven hours, I did something and I don't know what it was and deleted the whole damn lot. All. Absolutely every word of it."
  • The John Peel Chatroom is open for an hour. Peel is not amused to hear that one of the users in there has confessed that they are listening to Mark Radcliffe's show on Radio 2 instead.


  • Melys #7. Recorded 2004-06-09.


Programme content disclaimer by Andrew Morrison.
Session track 'Treading Water' introduced, but Peel actually plays 'Casino El Camino' (Wrong Track Moment).
Starts playing Rhythm Beater by mistake instead of Melys (Wrong Track Moment).
  • Melys: Treading Water (Peel Session)
Peel reads out details of the new weekday lineup that will see his own show move from 11 - 1 next week.


  • (1) John Peel 2004-07-20.mp3
  • (2) John_Peel_20040720.mp3
  • (1) 2:06:38
  • (2) 2:00:30
  • Thanks to B

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