• 2003-08-20


  • French, #1. Recorded 2003-07-03. No known commercial release.


  • French - 'Crispy Ambulance John Peel Jingle' (Peel Session)
  • Crispy Ambulance - 'From the Cradle to the Grave (7")' (Aural Assault)
  • Million Dead - 'I Am The Party (LP- A Song To Ruin)' (Integrity)
  • Tim Lensenta - 'Was Ich Nicht Weiss? (EP- Step by Step)' (Fein Raus)
  • Monkey Power Trio - 'You Gotta Have Hope (EP- Things Get Ugly)' (Pocahontas Swamp Machine Recordings)
  • French - 'The English Head' (Peel Session)
  • Turbulence - 'They Must Go Down (7")' (Xterminator)
  • Fondas - 'Work Out (LP- Coming Now!)' (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
  • Dave Myers - 'Gear (LP- Lost Legends of Surf Guitar)' (Sundazed)
  • Frank Black - 'Everything Is New (LP- Show Me Your Tears)' (Cooking Vinyl)
  • Ditchburn - 'Number One Dub (LP- Infra Mince)' (White Label)
  • Ascii Disko - 'Cool (LP- Promo CD)' (L'Age D' Or)
  • Stakka - 'In Transit (12")' (Cargo Industries)
  • French - 'The Protons and the Neutrons' (Peel Session)
  • Cream - 'Outside Woman Blues (LP- BBC Sessions)' (Polydor/BBC)
  • Lionel Hampton - 'Central Avenue Breakdown (LP- Lionel Hampton 1939-1940)' (Classics)
  • Recyver Dogs - 'Boses Boot (LP- Tresor Never Sleeps)' (Tresor)
  • Liebe Ist Cool - 'OK! (LP- Liebe)' (Bruchstuecke)
  • Lew Stone - 'Let's Put Out The Lights and Go To Sleep (78)' (Decca) (Pig's Big 78 2003)
  • Thermals - 'No Culture Icons (LP- More Parts Per Million)' (SubPop)
  • French - 'When She Leaves Me' (Peel Session)
  • Bloke - 'Micro Attempt (EP- Music For Electric Lobe)' (Digital Kraenky)
  • Fuse! - 'Beggars and Choosers (7")' (In The Red)
  • Fall - 'Life Just Bounces (EP- The Dredger)' (Cog-Sinister)
  • King Tubby's - 'The Stepping Dub (LP- The Dub Master Presents)' (Moll-Selekta)
  • Ministry of Defiance - 'Operation Julie (LP- Chapel Couture)' (Post Office)
  • French - 'Punk Rock's Going To Die' (Peel Session)
  • Jel - 'Petroleum Jel (EP- The Meat & Oil EP)' (Mush)


  • a) John_Peel_20030820.mp3
  • b) John Peel (The French Session) 03.07.03
  • a)
  • b) 00:00:14, 00:04:59, 00:05:09, 00:04:38, 00:03:32
  • a) Thanks to B!
  • b) Session tracks with links - 320 kbps (zip file)

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