• 2004-04-20
  • Start of show: "I tell you what, you need to have the level up for this one."
  • Peel expresses his anger at the beginning of the show because, for the third time this year, somebody appears to have stolen his headphones. It turns out that occasional programme assistant Mark had borrowed them on Friday to use on another show. Peel later describes a suitable punishment that is being administered to the culprit, involving radishes.
  • The Jon E Cash 12" is an exclusive for the show. (JP: "If it's ever released commercially, perhaps it has been already, obviously you won't get all of that stuff about this programme over the top of it, said he dimpling modestly.").
  • Peel says he's always assumed but isn't sure that Unsane, who have a new compilation out, are a continuation of Unsane NYC, whose first "classic single on Treehouse ... we played to death in 1989." (They were.)
  • The White Enemy track is a mash-up of White Stripes and Public Enemy.
  • "Blacken My Thumb" by the Datsuns is played as a possible programme exclusive, apparently in place of "Oceanside" by the Decemberists, which is listed on the BBC Peel site.[1] (The latter track would be played on 06 May 2004.)
  • As Jem Finer (of the Pogues) is in session with DM Bob, Peel also plays a track from Finer's solo album.



Chat with Mary Anne Hobbs.


  • John_Peel_20040420.mp3
  • 2.00.30


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