• 2004-11-19
  • John's final programme for the World Service. The inclusion of the news at the start facilitated dating (the caster leads with this story.)


  • None


(Mark Coles: 'Hello. What you're about to hear is, in effect, John Peel's last ever BBC World Service programme, the final of three half hour shows he recorded before going away on holiday, intending them to be aired while he was away. So without further ado, and with the blessing of his family, for one last time, I'll leave you in the hands of the maestro.')
(JP: 'Hello again, John Peel on BBC World Service, and in the programme this week, music from Sweden, 1970s Germany, Liverpool, the Czech Republic, the USA, the USA again, and London. To start...')
(JP: 'Recorded last December but sounding in the main pretty 1972, I think....This on the other hand was recorded in 1972 but sounds pretty contemporary, I think.')
  • Neu!: 'Super (7")' (United Artists)
(JP: 'Well maybe on reflection I was wrong about it sounding contemporary, but I loved it when it came out 32 years ago.')
(JP: 'I hope you noticed the reference in that to listening to the Fall: there is no finer way of spending your time, I think.')
  • Matoa: 'Mixed Flipped Twisted (Compilation LP-Playback)' (C41)
  • Woggles: 'I Got A Line On You (7")' (Chicken Ranch)
  • Mad EP: 'When I'm 6 (12")' (Ad Noiseam)
(JP: 'I played you this track, I don't know, five or six weeks ago, but I think it's well worth playing again.')
(Mark Coles: 'Dr. Venom and Mumra, ending a programme that's eclectic and international as ever.....No big finale, no fond farewell. John never intended this to be his final programme, and I for one wish it weren't. Over the next few weeks here on the BBC World Service we'll be airing some of the key John Peel sessions recorded over the last thirty years or so: sessions that helped establish some of the biggest names in music history. Jimi Hendrix in the 1960s, right through to the White Stripes, or "blues for the 21st century," as John once called them. Join me next week for the first of the Peel Sessions. Until then, goodbye.')


  • a) 2004-12-03WS (NB Note incorrect file date)
  • b) 04-John Peel (BBC World Service) 19.11.04
  • c) The Alternative - John Peel on BBC World Service 19-11-2004 Final
  • a) 00:28:59
  • b) 00:25:28
  • c) 00:26:21
  • a) Many thanks to Peel Mailing List user mr_maudlin.
  • b) 320 kbps rar, bundled with three other World Service shows. This version omits Coles' introduction and close.
  • c) Many thanks to Steve Lai.

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