• 2004-05-19
  • Peel is in a rather dour mood throughout, with little of his trademark humour (this may be due to the air-conditioning in the studio breaking down, thus necessitating the use of a rather noisy fan: he comments unfavourably on this). For example, he reveals before the Waverunner track that Skreen of the Cuban Boys had sent him the record with a note saying, 'hope this isn't too mellow'. This is a reference to Peel having once told Skreen that he found some of his material 'too mellow' for his tastes after being sounded out on what he thought of it. Peel responds by stating that 'you shouldn't ask people what they think if you don't want to hear the truth'. After playing the track, John relents a little and announces his intention to play more from the LP 'if he doesn't whinge too much'.
  • In addition, when announcing the Datsuns competition, in which listeners are eligible to win 25 pairs of tickets for their ICA gig in London, he refers to people who enter and then complain when they win that they are geographically unable to attend as 'timewasting'.
  • The second Morrissey track is a cover version of a song by a band called Raymonde about whom JP professes to know little or nothing. He is then deluged by listener information informing him that they once supported the Smiths. (He played the original version in the following night's show.)
  • Despite his mood, he manages to play (and make light of doing so) a record at the wrong speed (but claims to prefer it like that).
  • The Pig's Big 78 seems to excite a lot of interest from listeners.
  • The track by Asobi Seksu puts John in mind of Teenage Kicks played at a different speed: as if to support this assertion, he follows it with a cover of the Undertones' song in cabaret style.
  • The show marks the first appearance of Andrew Morrison's disclaimers.


  • Morrissey. His first (and only) broadcast solo session for the Peel Show (the 1st session from 1988 was suppressed at the singer's request): three other tracks were featured in Zane Lowe's Show, which went out immediately before Peel's [1]. No known commercial issue.


Seque: A female voice reading the Brother Grimm fairy tale "Mother Holle".


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