• 1992-06-19
  • "Hi fans, the new single from The Fall of course and that’s called Ed’s Babe."
  • John is looking forward to his trip next week to the European Football Championship final in Stockholm with the “31 days in May” winner Martin.
  • The first 90 minutes of the show are available on File a. Another continuous portion available on FIle d. Files c & e contains some extra edited tracks.


  • Fudge Tunnel, #2. Recorded 21st May 1992. 'Tipper Gore' and 'Stuck' not included on the available recording. Available on the Earache CD - In A Word
  • Come, #1. Repeat, first broadcast 18th April 1992. Recorded 2nd April 1992. All four tracks are broadcast together. No known commercial release.


File a begins

(JP: Only the best for you my angels.’)
(JP: You have probably been wondering as I was what the Shamen’s LSI stood for when the dub mixes came round. Love sex and indigestion? Well you’re not far off.)
(11:30 news)

File b begins

(JP: ‘The first tune is William because our William has been doing his exams this week and has been in a thoroughly foul mood and this might cheer him up.’)
  • Come: William (Peel Session)
  • Come: Off To One Side (Peel Session)
  • Come: Bell (Peel Session)
  • Come: Dead Molly (Peel Session)
(JP: ‘From Radio One to you dear friend.’)

File b continues to edited tracks from other shows

File a ends 2:15 into above


  • a) Peel Show 1992-06-19 (incomplete)
  • b) 13-06-1992 Come (NB Note incorrect date)
  • c) best of peel vol 48 side 1 with introductions
  • d) best of peel vol 48 side 2 with introductions
  • e) John Peel tape no.24 side b
  • f) 1992-06-xx Peel Show LE139
  • a) 01:28:49
  • b) 00:33:57 (to 17:31)
  • c) 00:46:52 (42:16-45:36)
  • d) 00:47:14 (00:03-20:44) (unique)
  • e) 00:45:38 (from 28:28) (28:28-31:56, and from 40:17 unique)
  • f) 1:32:11 (33:48-52:45) (to 37:37, from 48:05 unique)