• Radio London
  • 1967-07-19

  • This recording has been circulating among pirate radio collectors, sometimes erroneously labelled 14 July 1967. However, the correct date is 19 July, as Peel follows on from the previous evening's show by featuring side two of The Incredible String Band's LP The 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion. The four tracks from side two that are not featured on the available recording are "You Know What You Could Be", "My Name Is Death", "Gently Tender", and "Way Back In The 1960s".
  • The sound quality is marred by a strong high-pitched medium wave whine - possibly interference from an East German radio station which used the same frequency as Radio London.
  • A laid-back Peel promises his listeners "a lot of interesting things between now and 2 a.m.", but only around 50 minutes of the programme survive.


(Peel: "A very good has some significance that has eluded me.")
(JP: "...from the LPs Blonde On Blonde.")
  • John's Children: Sara Crazy Child (single - Come and Play With Me In The Garden b-side) Track 604005
(Commercial for Discoveries of Tomorrow competition (sponsored by Radio London) at Upper Cut Club, Forest Gate - run by heavyweight boxer Billy Walker)
(Song dedicated by JP to Jeff Dexter: "A very good person, actually...")
(Peel explains the rules (there are none) of his non-contest: "By not entering, you're entering...")
(JP: "Hope it's not necessary to explain why that's called Porpoise Mouth...")
(JP's praise for the song leads him into a dreamy personal reminiscence of his own first love, but he gets embarrassed and moves quickly on to the next track.)


  • 2) 1967-07-19 03 Track 03.m4a
  • 1) 46:37
  • 2) 40:40

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