• 1979-12-19
  • During the day Peel got hold of a copy of the "Vaultage 79" compilation of Brighton bands. This show contains the first play of the Golinski Brothers enduring classic "Bloody". The later 7" release of this was found in John Peel's Record Box.
  • The Andy Capp single was the first Jamaican record Peel played on the radio, back in 1969. He wonders whether it shouldn't have been in his birthday 40. A copy was also found in John Peel's Record Box.


Session released on Strange Fruit EP SFPS060.

Please add details of any commercial release of these sessions)


JP: "While that was going on, Mike Read brought in my Christmas present. It's a bit embarrassing, because I haven't got him anything as you can imagine, far too tight for that sort of thing. But it's Bob Paisley's Liverpool Scrapbook."
JP: "The reason we're playing these two sessions, which have been out several times already is because they're amongst my favourites of the year."
JP: "Waldo's Records rising above the defence to tuck another ball into the corner of the net..."
JP: "I should be very proud indeed if I'd done that."
JP: "Facts have to be faced you know, Walters and I do come up with some good stuff for you."


  • John Peel 1979-12-19 incomplete.mp3
  • 01:24:16
  • Often poor quality AM mono recording, with an attempt at retuning during the second track.
  • File created from T199 of 400 Box, digitised by Dr_Mango.

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