• 1977-08-19
  • Repeat of Family concert first broadcast in 1971, including Peel introductions. Listening to this makes it hard to believe that the show came from the Summer Of Punk, as John even makes a rare excursion into Motown funk.

In Concert Repeat


File a begins

(JP (in 1977): 'Just you hear how the studio audience loved me. Oh they loved me, I tell you!')

File b begins

(JP (in 1971): 'John Peel from the BBC in London, and this is another one of our concert programmes, and this week we have one of the best bands that we have in Great Britain, and they are Family!')

Family live

  1. Good News - Bad News
  2. Spanish Tide
  3. Part Of The Load
  4. Drowned In Wine
  5. Holding The Compass
  6. Between Blue And Me
  7. Children
  8. In My Own Time
  9. Take Your Partners
  10. The Weaver's Answer
(JP (in 1977): 'Family recorded at Christmas time, 1971, and introduced by my good self, when I was just an apple-cheeked boy of some 18 summers and the toast of every dockside bar from Billings, Montana to Minsk. And on the programme next week, I'll be concert-featurine next Friday, when we have music from the Faces. That's pretty good too, so I hope you'll listen to that. And while I'm discussing future programmes, on Monday, a session from Thin Lizzy, and of course they'll be performing numbers for the first time which will subsequently appear on the new LP. We'll also be having handy bite-sized chunks from the new Racing Cars album, so a lot to look forward to next week as I prepare myself spiritually for the Reading Festival. These are some people called...')

File a ends


  • a) John Peel 1977.08.19 Family
  • b) 1977-08-19 John Peel Radio 1 (Family 1971).mp3
  • a) 00:56:29
  • b) 01:00:27
  • a) Many thanks to Jim.
  • b) Many thanks to Bill.

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