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*The 19th Festive Fifty was broadcast in two parts, with a rather unusual numbering system. This may have been due to the fact that half of the first programme featured specially recorded Christmas sessions by the Fall and Elastica.
  • The top featured act was the Wedding Present, with four entries all from the same LP, but none of them featured in the top 10.
  • Pulp's 'Common People' appeared twice in the Fifty, here as a session track and the following year at number one as an official release.
  • Elastica's 'Waking Up' is the only occasion that a session track not recorded for Peel's programme made the chart.
  • Two records had not previously been played by JP on the programme before (by Mazzy Star and Madder Rose).
  • Peel teases his audience several times that there still haven't been any tracks by Oasis, Blur or Suede, saying things like, "surely they must coming along, shortly". In fact the chart featured no music from any of the bands.
  • Peel accurately predicts that, against common thought at the time, Beck was not a one hit wonder.


The Festive Fifty Of 1994

  1. John Peel's Festive Fifty - 199410:30

    John Peel's Festive Fifty - 1994

    Inspiral Carpets featuring Mark E Smith: "I Want You"
  2. Fall: "Hey Student" (Peel Session)
  3. Veruca Salt: "Seether"
  4. Elastica: "Connection"
  5. Supergrass: "Caught By The Fuzz"
  6. LSG: "Hearts"
  7. Elastica: "Waking Up"
  8. Portishead: "Sour Times"
  9. Stereolab: "Ping Pong"
  10. Done Lying Down: "Just A Misdemeanour"
  11. H Foundation: "Laika"
  12. Ash: "Jack Names The Planets"
  13. Pulp: "Do You Remember The First Time"
  14. Pavement: "Range Life"
  15. Wedding Present: "Swimming Pools, Movie Stars"
  16. Sebadoh: "Rebound"
  17. Hole: "Miss World"
  18. Shellac: "Crow"
  19. Madder Rose: "Car Song"
  20. Sleeper: "Delicious"
  21. Pulp: "Common People" (Peel Session)
  22. Pavement: "Gold Soundz"
  23. Pulp: "Babies"
  24. Shellac: "The Dog & Pony Show"
  25. Mazzy Star: "Fade Into You" [1]
  26. That Dog: "One Summer Night"
  27. Nirvana: "The Man Who Sold The World"
  28. Ash: "Uncle Pat"
  29. Sabres Of Paradise: "Wilmot"
  30. Wedding Present: "Click Click"
  31. Orbital: "Are We Here?-Industry Standard?"
  32. Beck: "Loser"
  33. Ash: "Petrol"
  34. Pavement: "Cut Your Hair"
  35. Madder Rose: "Panic On" [2]
  36. Salt Tank: "Charged Up"
  37. Wedding Present: "So Long Baby"
  38. Fall: "City Dweller"
  39. Wedding Present: "Spangle"
  40. Nirvana: "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?"
  41. Fall: "M5" (Peel Session)
  42. Elastica: "Line Up"
  43. Underworld: "Dirty Epic"
  44. Nirvana: "About A Girl"
  45. Hole: "Doll Parts"
  46. R.O.C.: "Girl With A Crooked Eye"
  47. Sonic Youth: "Superstar"
  48. Sleeper: "Swallow"
  49. Tuscadero: "Angel In A Half Shirt"
  50. Transglobal Underground: "Taal Zaman"


  • All shows available on the date pages in their entirety.
  1. Peel claims he had never played this on his programme before.
  2. Also previously unplayed by JP.

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