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  • The aim of this page is to give an overview of the concert programmes presented by Peel on BBC Radio One in 1971, showing which programmes have pages on this site and which artists were featured on the shows. Dates in blue already have pages; red date links do not. A similar 1970 Concert Shows page is also available. Please also see the 1970 and 1971 year pages in the Calendar section you can access from the menu on the left of this page, as well as the Concerts category page in the Shows section..
  • Tracklistings and other information was researched online from official releases, the BBC Peel site and other sources such as fan sites for artists, with dates confirmed by reference to The Peel Sessions, which does not give data on tracks played or recording date and venue details. It is hoped to gather as much of the missing information as possible.
  • If possible, please add further information on pages that already exist (links in blue) or add new pages (for dates with red links). To add a new date page, please see the Make A New Tracklisting page. For a rough idea of the style used for concert show pages, please check a couple of the pages with blue links below. If you create a new date page for a concert show, please also add the artist details below.
  • Please note that a full list of 1971 Peel concert shows and the artists featured is available in Ken Garner's book The Peel Sessions (pg 212-213), and this page is NOT intended simply to reproduce this information. Please do not add artist details below for dates that do not yet have pages on this site.


October [1]


  1. Show moved from Sunday (with Wednesday repeat) to Tuesday evening 10.00 pm slot, joining Radio 2 VHF.