• John Peel Show
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1993-06-18



File a begins

File 1begins

(JP: ‘That’s a record that seems to have gained in prestige with the passage of time, from 1977, The Avengers.')
(11:29 news)

File 1 ends & b begins

1991 Festive Fifty

(JP: ‘You want to hear a band that sound pretty much like Nirvana? Here we go.’)
(12:30 news)
(JP: ‘As I’ve mentioned to you previously I often write sad little letters to American Bands. And most of them don’t write back, as a matter of fact. The Sex Clark Five do though and they get their records played in the programme. Could this be a coincidence or not?’)

File b ends & c begins

  • Huggy Bear: ‘Stepping On Bugs’ (Peel Session)
(JP: ‘Brevity is of the essence as Jeeves said’.)
(JP: ‘I have at home a pile of unheard 7 inch singles from America that’s about 18 inches high now.’)
(JP: ‘The loveliness flows right over the top of our Wellingtons listeners. Tomorrow night’s sessions come from Tsunami and The Ukrainians. That was Madder Rose from their LP Bring It Down. While Away was the title of it. That’s about it I think, so hit them with your rhythm stick Lynn.)’


  • 1) Peel Show 1993-06-18 (incomplete)
  • a) 1993-06-18 Peel Show L464a
  • b) Peel-1993-06-18 (incomplete)
  • c) 1993-06-18 Peel Show L464b
  • 1) 02:50:01
  • a) 00:45:26
  • b) 01:30:21
  • c) 00:42:06
  • 1) Many thanks to Isector.
  • a,c) Created from L464 of the SL Tapes, digitised by SB
  • b) Created from L367 of the SL Tapes, digitised by ML

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