• 2002-12-18
  • Christmas special live from Maida Vale, with two live sets from Belle & Sebastian, who also back the Peel show choir for a selection of traditional songs. Tracyanne Campbell from Camera Obscura is a guest backing vocalist on one number.
  • Introducing the group, Peel explains, "I'm sorry it's not at Peel Acres this year, but that's the fault of Radio 4 really, who need me at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. Otherwise we'd all be back at our house which would be spectacular. Maybe next year."
  • JP: "While that [Tamlins And Trinity] was going on I phoned home to see if they're listening to the programme - are they listening to daddy? Are they hell! They're watching the football on television. Liverpool were winning 3-1 against Aston Villa, then it went to 3-all... I mean, how this happens I simply don't know. If I was there I'd smack 'em all, but apparently with a minute to go of added on time it's now 4-3 to Liverpool. But they're still perfectly capable of losing the match of course, let's face facts!" (It was the League Cup quarter final that evening. Liverpool eventually went on to beat Manchester United 2-0 in the final).
  • The ensemble version of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" has to be heard to be believed! Peel is very taken with the turtle dove impression in the number, and treats the audience to his randy fox impersonation.



JP: "I should warn the choir that unless you do better in this one and sing louder, I shall slip into a coma with sheer frustration. ONE OF YOU will be chosen to come down here and give me mouth-to-mouth resucitation. That's all I'm saying. So it's in your interests to sing fantastically loudly."
JP: "I have to say that was a deeply moving experience."


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  • 02:00:30
  • The session tracks alone are also available on the third torrent of the 17 DVD set, from the usual sources.