• 2001-04-18
  • Introduction: "Aaron McPoland, 15, of Liverpool, I hope that in the next two hours we've got something that you like." Later, dedicates track Tug Of War Intestines by Skinless to Aaron, who has asked for something "heavy or fierce". Peel says he resisted the temptation to play Pool Of Stool from the same album, although he may get to this in another programme.
  • Quickly into his stride with wrong speed/track problems for both the first Derrero track and the one that follows by Captain Beefheart.
  • Doesn't initially know the artist or name of the white label dance track based on Are Friends Electric by Tubeway Army, but is informed by a listener it is Electric Friends by The Programme.
  • Says that when he eventually gets the elbow from Radio One, the last thing he’ll broadcast is the full 18 minute version of Reverend C.L. Franklin's sermon on the text Dry Bones In The Valley.
  • Pig’s Big 78 by Jack White & His Collegians is from the soundtrack of the film Big Broadcast Of 1938. Another track by the same artist appears on the Pig’s Big 78s compilation.
  • ”With chilling inevitability” - Pico (with Lianne Hall), Paco (by Ladytron) and Poco (the band). The idea was originally trailed on the 29 March 2001 show.
  • Final dub track by the Revolutionaries played in full, after a cut-down version the previous Thursday (12 April 2001).


  • Derrero #3 First broadcast. Recorded 2001-02-21. No known commercial release.



  • 00. John Peel 18-04-01.mp3
  • Peel 01-04-18.mp3 and Peel 01-04-18b.mp3
  • 2.00.52
  • Two versions are currently available. Above details refer to the torrent show. Many thanks to Roger for the second version. Please add details.

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