• 1992-04-18
  • ‘A moment of reality amongst all of the fun.’
  • John plays a recording of Russ Knight, 'The Weird Beard'. Described by John as 'The chap who first put me on the radio in any meaningful fashion.'
  • JP: "Well, I never thought I'd live to see the day when a goalless draw with Leeds at Anfield was seen as a good result."
  • A listener from Croydon, apparently called Motor Mike Vine, has written in asking if Peel can help identify a song he remembers from "the golden age of punk". As is normally the case, Peel can't help but the song is "Trans Siberian Express" by Bardi Blaise, a 7" released in early 1980 and played by Peel on one occasion at least [1] (Dr_Mango).
  • Only around 17 minutes are now missing from this show, a little bit at the start, and possibly a track during the tape flip of file a and before file b starts, and 10 or 11 minutes at the end.
  • Files b and d, now available from SL Tapes are in higher sound quality and now almost complete the show.


  • Come, #1. Recorded 02 April 1992. No known commercial release. ‘Dead Molly is not included on the available recording.
  • Cobra. Repeat of one and only session. First broadcast 19 January 1992, recorded 29 December 1991. No known commercial release. ‘Tek Him’ is not included on the available recording.


(JP: ‘After the news a really hot band that I think you’re gonna like. And also I may play you a bit more of the Weird Beard because he was right up there with Simon Bates and the rest of the greats.’)
(11:30 news)
(‘JP: A rocking good way to mess around and fall in love.’)
(1:00 news)


  • 1) Peel Show 1992-04-18 (incomplete)
  • a) 1992-04-18 Peel Show L162
  • b) 1992-04-18 Peel Show L153a
  • c) 1992-04-18 Peel Show L206a
  • d) 1992-04-18 Peel Show L153b
  • 1) 02:14:32
  • a) 40:50
  • b) 41:24
  • c) 37:15
  • d) 44:51