• 1991-03-17


(Please add details of any commercial release of these sessions)


  • (JP: 'I cannot adequately convey to you the chaos in which these programmes are conceived. My most recent occasional assistant went off to New Zealand for a month and hasn't been in touch since she got back, for which I hardly blame her, but there are times when I think despair is just around the corner. I mention this because I've been trying to find a version of 'Tutti Frutti' that I know I've got somewhere at home, and it's become one of those things, a bit of an obsession. I know it's in there somewhere, but I simply cannot find it because I don't know the name of the artiste, but it is a cracker of a version. If I ever find it, I shall play it to you, and you'll be much impressed. I mention this because while I was looking for it this week, I found a record by someone called Lonnie Dean on Hank Dean Records which, if somebody said to me, "Do you have this record?", I'd have said no.') #
  • Lonnie Dean: God Bless The Waitresses () Hank Dean #
  • (some chat with Andy Kershaw about this) #
  • File 1 begins during above discussion, 3:28 after start of above section
  • Paul Leary: Dulheart Down the Road (album - The History Of Dogs) Rough Trade R2631 #
  • Wayne Wonder & Cutty Ranks: Lambada (single) Penthouse
  • Ugly Music Show: The Pie Is The Limit (session)
  • Shamen: Hyperreal (Billy Bob Orbit Mix) (single) One Little Indian
  • Les Hi-Fives: Nako Lela (album - Wanawachezea Mfululizo Wa Kibushi) Philips ‎PKLP 105
  • 11:30 news 22:28 into file 1
  • Tad: Crane's Cafe (album - 8-Way Santa) Sub Pop SP89
  • Jesus Lizard: Wheelchair Epidemic (session)
  • Kid Capri: News Story (album - The Tape) Cold Chillin' 1-26474
  • Bleach: Bethesda (12" - Snag E.P.) Way Cool WAY 10 T
  • Steel Pole Bath Tub: Pirate 5 (album - Tulip) Tupelo Recording Company TUPLP 2
  • Tricky Disco: Flypaper (12" - House Fly) Warp WAP 11
  • Fall: Edinburgh Man (cassette preview of Shift-Work)
  • File 1 cuts out during above track
  • Bastro: 'Jefferson-In-Drag (LP-Sing The Troubled Beast)' (Homestead) 6:58-10:35 #
  • Ruthless Rap Assassins: Justice (Just Us) (12") EMI 12EM 180 @
  • Jesus Lizard: Bloody Mary (session) ~ 39:50-41:41
  • Tracks marked # available on Best Of Peel Vol 25
  • Tracks marked @ available on Mainly Peel March 1991
  • Tracks marked ~ available on HO John Peel 30 1991


  • 1991-03-17 Peel Show R149.mp3
  • 46:56

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