• John Peel Show
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1986-03-17
  • Session guests Laugh featured amongst their ranks Craig Gannon, later of the Smiths and Spencer Birtwistle, later of the Fall.
  • It's not just Liverpool who were celebrating a win, as Peel reveals: "The Pig won the Pools last week. A great deal of excitement, because we went out shopping on Friday morning, doing the grocery shopping in Ipswich, and when we got back the mail had arrived and there was a Littlewoods envelope lying there on top, which fortunately I didn't see first because I would have dropped dead if I had done. She tore it open with trembling fingers and... £32.10. But on the other hand, it's a start isn't it?"
  • Peel starts the Ministry track at the wrong speed.


  • Stump: #1. Repeat of debut session, first broadcast 05 February 1986. Recorded 26th January 1986
  • Laugh: #1. First broadcast of debut session. Recorded 9th March 1986

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JP: "Well, Liverpool just two minutes away from a semi-final against Southampton. It's radiant John Peel here with strictly no comment about the persistent rumours of a royal romance."
JP: "I'm sorry about the fact that the beginning of the programme sounded slightly hysterical, but I was trying to keep abreast of the football commentary. The final score was Watford 1 Liverpool 2 after extra time that was, so sorry Elton and the rest of you. This is a bit more like it, isn't it, really, frankly, let's face facts."
  • Stump: Grab Hands (session)
JP: "Our technical man just asked me if the Pig's Pools win is going to change our lives. Well, after we'd bought William a new pair of trainers and we paid the milk bill and bought a round of drinks, it was all gone I'm afraid."
  • Just-Ice: Put That Record Back On (single)
  • Laugh: Never Had It So Bad (session)
  • Redskins: Go Get Organized! (LP - Neither Washington Nor Moscow) Decca
  • Buy Off The Bar: February the 6th (split single with Golden Strings 7") Bang Bang Bang / Deng Deng Deng Records
  • Sugar Minott: Buy Off The Bar
  • Ministry: Just Like You (LP - Twitch) Sire
  • Ted Chippington: Rock And Roll On 33 1/3 (LP - Man In A Suitcase) Vindaloo


  • 1986-03-17 Tape 396.mp3
  • 45:28
  • File created from T396 of 400 Box.
  • Recording begins with around three minutes of a song from the previous show, which is presumably Kid Jensen's.

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