• 1979-04-17
  • (400 Box files) Possibly a contender for the lowest sound quality of a Peel show yet, sounds like a tinny transistor radio wandering around the sound stage, which does not do the reggae tracks any favours. Also, it could do with speeding up by at least 3%. Yet it is still a very interesting listen, with some sparky fresh tunes by the likes of 'Fatal' Microbes. It is left to one's imagination what this show might have sounded like blasting out of a top quality late 70s hifi or some beefy headphones under the covers...
  • (Hinton Box file) A distinct improvement in SQ over the former, in rather hissy but more than bearable stereo. However, the pause button is heavily in evidence. Tracks marked §.


  • Patrik Fitzgerald, #3. Recorded 1979-04-10. No known commercial release.
  • Vipers, one and only session (rpt). Recorded 1979-02-27. No known commercial release.


(JP - 'And I know there are one or two people judging from the letters which that I get that there are one or two people as I say that don't care for the Undertones. This is to me - I can't imagine why that should be, it is a strange fancy but nevertheless there are such peaople. they might be saying to themselves - "well 44 minutes into the programme and Peel hasn't played Jimmy Jimmy yet, perhaps tonight we aren't going to get it." Well, no such luck ')
(JP: 'Patrik Fitzgerald, who brings to piano playing much of the finesse and elegance that Alexandria Mary Anfield (15 months) brings to wetting the floor....')
(JP: 'I like the slightly rough and ready....')
(JP: 'Well, I don't know.')


  • a) 075-790417a.mp3
  • b) 075-790417b.mp3
  • c) BH012 JP 1979-04-17 Side A
  • a) 00:39:39
  • b) 00:41:00
  • c) 00:46:34

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