• John Peel Show
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1997-10-16
  • Incomplete show. Tape cuts in during the Vivian Jackson song. Ends shortly into the second-last track of the night.
  • Peel credits the Hollywood Persuaders track to Frank Zappa (pre-Mothers Of Invention) and Paul Buff, as per the 'Teen Beat 4' CD. Original single was released in 1964 with an album of the same name the following year. The track also appears on the Natural Born Killers soundtrack, although the level of Zappa's involvement on it seems unclear. He did play on/produce some tracks released under this name.
  • The Ivor Cutler track prompts a discussion with Mary Anne Hobbs about the relative merits of using the words "breast" and "penis" on Radio One.


(Please add details of any commercial release of these sessions)


(Adapted from Tracklisting Archive)

  • Animals On Wheels: Palid (LP - Designs & Mistakes) Ninja Tune
  • Ash: Life Less Ordinary (CD - A Life Less Ordinary) A&M
  • Vivian Jackson & The Ralph Brothers: Conquering Lion (2CD - Jesus Dread 1972-1977) Blood & Fire
  • Spillage: Killer (7" single) Fortunate
  • Hollywood Persuaders: Drums A Go-Go (CD - Teen Beat 4) Ace
  • Fiend 1: Munich X (CD - Caledonian Gothic) God Bless
  • Delgados: Tempered Not Tamed (CD - BBC Sessions) Strange Fruit
  • Subtropic: Fine Syne (12" EP - Life Time Mission) Fused/Bruised
  • Fall: Levitate (CD - Levitate) Artful
  • Lovejunk: Jealous (EP: Lovejunk) White label
  • Idea Fire Company: None But First Rate Workmen Will Meet With (EP - Four Years In 30 Seconds) Dirter Promotions
  • TT Twister: Bud's Big Dive (12" single) Gyration
  • Rye Coalition: The Higher The Hair The Closer To God (CD - Hee Saw Dhuh Kaet) Gern Blandsten


  • Clinic: IPC Subeditors Dictate Our Youth (7" single) Aladdins Gave Of Golf
  • Ramones: We're A Happy Family (LP - Rocket To Russia) Sire

(tape flip)

  1. Science Of The Gods
  2. Peristalsis
  3. Interceptor
  4. Delta Volany
  5. Everitt
  • Fokkewolf: Hanging Around (CD - Death Ray) Deadly Beefburger
  • Ivor Cutler: The Bridge (CD - A Wet Handle (Part 2)) Creation
  • Project Pollen: Scum (12" - Rainwater) Sideburn
  • Bo Diddley: Don't Let It Go (LP - Go Bo Diddley) London
  • Aerial M: Always Farewell (CD - Aerial M) Domino
  • Deeds Plus Thoughts: Beatnick Mack (12" - Televisions Been Good) Sophistic Cuts


  • Peel19971016 Eat Static a.mp3
  • Peel19971016 Eat Static b.mp3
  • 46.57
  • 46.49

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