• 1996-10-16


  • Only today did I discover that, in addition to a week in March '96, John also stood in for Mark Radcliffe for a week in October the same year. KG has supplied excellent recordings of the March shows but, as far as I'm aware, the Oct shows have never been shared on this group. Comedians Lee & Herring appeared on one of the shows and have made their (very extensive) bits of it available (undated, and minus nearly all the music!) in two parts here.
  • While researching further I discovered this on "Upon visiting Mr. Lee's website I found a John Peel Show file for download. "16 October 1996 ・Richard Herring and Stewart Lee appear on the John Peel show, a teenage dream".
  • You'll find it in the archives section. I've not listened to it yet so I can't advise on how it compares with the version/s already circulating. See [1]. This appears to refer to the same (music-less) edit of the show but with no hiss, and in one mp3 file.


  • Includes Peel's retelling of his story about The Goodies, as well as his explanation of the difficulties of autographing breasts.


  • Richard Herring & Stewart Lee (studio guests)


(Edited recording with little music, although two tracks are played in full, the first after a false start)


  • (single file) johnpeelshow.mp3
  • 48.54
  • [2] (Link has expired)


Stewart Lee and Richard Herring with John Peel (16th October 1996)48:55

Stewart Lee and Richard Herring with John Peel (16th October 1996)

Stewart Lee and Richard Herring with John Peel (16th October 1996)

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