• John Peel's Sunday Concert
  • 1971-05-16
  • At least part of the Caravan set was released officially on the The Show Of Our Lives: Live At The BBC 1968-1975 double CD compilation.
  • All three Caravan tracks noted below were included on the CD compilation Green Bottles For Marjorie: The Lost BBC Sessions, put together by Caravan's management and fan club in 2002 (Caravan Songs CARAV 001). Peel's links have been edited out. The CD also includes the group's debut Top Gear session recorded 31st December 1968 (broadcast 5th Jan 1969) and 1 song (The Love In Your Eye) from a Peel session recorded 11th April 1972 (broadcast 2nd May 1972)
  • Tracklisting details the Tr Na Nog set are taken from the British Library's Sound & Moving Image Catalogue.
  • A twenty one minute audio of Tir Na Nog's show which starts midway of the track 'Daisy Lady' is available on YouTube uploaded by Ace Rimmer.


  • Caravan live, recorded 1971-05-06, Paris Theatre
  • Tir Na Nog live, recorded 1971-05-06, venue presumably as above


Tir Na Nog. Live at the Paris Theatre

  • Our Love Will Not Decay
  • Daisy Lady
  • Tir Na Nog
  • The Boat Song
(JP:'Oh a lovely song that, and having spent one of the final weeks in your life in Dublin, I can understand how you feel')
  • Aberdeen Angus
  • Looking Up

Caravan. Live at the Paris Theatre

  • In The Land Of Grey And Pink
  • Nine Feet Underground
  • Feeling, Thrilling & Squeeling


  • 1) 023A-C1509X0011XX-0002A0.mp3
  • 2) Tir Na Nog on John Peel's Sunday Show 16th May 1971
  • 3) J P 16 May 1971 Tir Na Nog and Caravan complete.mp3
  • 1) 1:06:35 (First few minutes come from Aubrey Small)
  • 2) 0:21:19 (Tir Na Nog's set with the audio starting in the middle of 'Daisy Lady')
  • 3) 1:00:50
  • 1) Recordings at the British Library.
  • 2) Thanks to Ace Rimmer.
  • 3) Many thanks to Tim