• John Peel's Sunday Concert
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1970-03-15
  • The Yes set from this concert show was released officially as part of Something's Coming: The BBC Recordings 1969-1970, although with only the briefest of introductions from Peel. The album also includes the band's only studio session for Top Gear. Recording details are taken from the BBC Peel site.
  • The Juicy Lucy setlist is unconfirmed. The cassette from which they have been digitized only has "Sunday Show" written on it with no date. All are "press pause" edits so no introductions remain. If anyone can name the first track please let me know and I'll change the file name accordingly.


  • Juicy Lucy live, presumably as below
  • Yes live, recorded 1970-03-12, Paris Theatre


  1. Unknown Track
  2. Built For Comfort
  3. Chicago North-Western
  4. Willy The Pimp
  5. Who Do You Love
  1. Astral Traveller
  2. Then
  3. Every Little Thing
  4. Everydays
  5. For Everyone


  • Juicy Lucy - Each track as individual mp3 files. See links below.
  • One-hour programme. The Juicy Lucy set is aproximately 25 minutes.
  • Reasonable quality medium wave recording.
  • Yes - See "Comments" section above.
  • Juicy Lucy
  1. Unknown Track.mp3
  2. Built For Comfort.mp3
  3. Chicago North-Western.mp3
  4. Willy The Pimp.mp3
  5. Who Do You Love.mp3

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