• John Peel Show
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1999-06-15
  • Peel's answer to the "age-old musical question" posed by PS I Love You, "Where On Earth Is Kevin Shields?": "Sitting at home listening to the John Peel wingding on Radio One, every Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday night, I think, as he usually does." In fact, the missing My Bloody Valentine guitarist would soon be back in action playing with Primal Scream on the band's XTRMNTR album.
  • Says he’d never heard the original of “Some Other Guy” (covered by the Beatles and many others) before the recent release of a Kent compilation and thinks the version by Richie Barrett may be the best.
  • The Sieste track is from one of the Kill The Rest releases brought back from Japan by son William.
  • There's a brief reprise of the final session track by Calexico before a quick switch to Union Kid, who will be in session the following night.
  • An email from a listener reveals that the previous unknown artist responsible for "I'm Twenty-One Today" in the 1912 Peelenium (see 10 June 1999) is in fact Jack Pleasants.


  • Calexico #2 First broadcast. Recorded 1999-04-27. No known official release.


(JP: "This is a record by Augustus Pablo, the late Augustus Pablo alas. And I should have paid some sort of tribute to him at the time. Failed to do so, as I often do on these occasions, but Andy Kershaw pointed it out to Radio One listeners in his programme last Thursday.")

Peelenium 1913

  1. Chauncey Olcott: I Love The Name Of Mary
  2. Harry Lauder: It's Nicer To Be In Bed
  3. Chauncey Olcott: When Irish Eyes are Smiling
  4. Harry Fragson: Hello! Hello! Who's Your Lady Friend?


  • a) Peel19990615 Calexico 1913 a
  • b) Peel19990615 Calexico 1913 b
  • c) jp150799.mp3 (Note: incorrect file name)
  • a) 01:01:40
  • b) 00:53:04
  • c) 01:50:20

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