• 1993-01-15
  • (Introduction to show, mood of Peel, interesting comments, etc)



Part One

  • Hum: 'Sundress' (Single) Mud
  • Ray Tracing: 'The Internal Exterior' (Single) Urdial DW47
  • Unsane: 'Broke' (Peel Session) DW47
  • JP: "Well they're still making my ears bleed in a thoroughly satisfactory manner"
  • The Ukrainians: 'Venus In Furs' (LP 'Vorony') Cooking Vinyl DW47
  • Radiohead: 'Anyone Can Play Guitar' (EP) Parlophone
  • Charlie Chaplin: 'Unleashed' (Single) Exterminator
  • Lotion: 'She Is Weird City' (7" B-side of 'Head') Kokopop DW48
  • (news)
  • Mambo Taxi: 'Prawn Queens' (Single) Clawfist
  • New Fast Automatic Daffodils: 'Music' (Peel Session) DW48
  • Pele & The Young Giants: 'I Like To Be The Best' (LP 'Bend It '92') Exotica
  • Hardfloor: 'Acperience 3' (Single) Harthouse (continues after tape flip)

Part Two

  • Unsane: 'Body Bomb' (Peel Session) DW48
  • Grenadine: 'Gillen (Except Sometimes)' (LP 'Goya') Shimmy Disc
  • The Goats: 'Are You Down With The Goats' (LP 'Tricks Of The Shade') Rough House

File x cuts in

  • Zaiko Langa Langa Familia Dei: 'Martin Ahanga' (LP 'Bako Bandela') Sonodisc LPS5504
  • Nirvana: 'Breed' (LP 'Nevermind') Geffen - 1991 Phantom 50 number 48 DW48
  • Cornershop: 'The Hanif Kureishi Scene' (EP 'In The Days Of Ford Cortina') Wiiija DW48
  • West Bam: 'Mayday Anthem' (Single) Low Spirit
  • Terry Edwards: 'Totally Wired' (EP 'Terry Edwards Salutes The Magic Of The Fall') Stim DW48
  • Thieves: 'Through The Door' (12") Nursery
  • (strange tape edit - possibly the remains of a previous recording)

Part Three

  • Sarcasm: 'No Straight Edge' (7" EP 'Son Of Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!') Slap A Ham DW48
  • Lee Perry: 'Babylon A Fall' (LP 'Sounds From The Hotline') Heartbeat
  • Unsane: 'HLL' (Peel Session)
  • The Werefrogs: 'Nixi Concussion' (Single) Ultimate

File d begins

File x ends

  • New Fast Automatic Daffodils: 'Kyphos' (Peel Session)
  • Jive Five: 'My True Story' (LP 'Randall Lee Rose's Doo Wop Shop') Ace
  • Even As We Speak: 'Straight As An Arrow' (LP 'Feral Pop Frenzy') Sarah DW50
  • Polygon Window: 'Quoth' (LP 'Surfing On Sine Waves') Warp DW50
  • (news)
  • Big Black: 'My Disco' (LP 'It's Toasted' (promo only sampler)) Touch And Go
  • Bhundu Boys: 'Gonzo Nachin'ai' (LP 'Friends On The Road') Cooking Vinyl
  • Lois: 'Press Play And Record' (Single) K

Part Four

File d ends

File e begins

File e ends

Tracks marked DW47 also available on DW Tape 47 etc


  • 1) 1993-01-15 New FADs Unsane a
  • 2) 1993-01-15 New FADs Unsane b
  • 3) 1993-01-15 New FADs Unsane c
  • 4) 1993-01-15 New FADs Unsane d
  • d) 1993-01-15 (incomplete)
  • e) 1993-01-15 Peel Show L395.mp3
  • x) Drop 19's: Unsane
  • 1) 0:46:45
  • 2) 0:46:46
  • 3) 0:46:59
  • 4) 0:46:59
  • d) 0.40.30
  • e) 0:37:38
  • x) 1:33:19 (from 46:31)

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