• 1999-04-15
  • First live show from Peel Acres to feature a live music session.
  • Sound of a pool game taking place in the backgoundd throughout the show as Tim & Charlotte make use of the Peel Acres pool table.
  • Thanks to Lorcan's Tracklistings Archive for the tracklist.



(JP: "This is a record that I produced in 1969. When I say I produced it, obviously that it a bit of an over statement because we couldn't afford a proper producer, so I just sat in the studio and the engineer did the actual production work - as they so often do frankly - in my view anyway. It's by Bridget St. John and has John Martyn on second guitar, and I was held in some restraint during the other tracks, but on this one I was allowed to indulge myself to the point of, as you will hear, madness really, in that I wanted to have bird noise on it cos I feel that any record with bird noise is pretty good. And I didn't content myself with one bird, or two birds, but an entire wood full of birds, and church bells and wind and lots of other stuff besides, as you will hear.")
(JP: "I did loads of gigs with Thin Lizzy around the time of these things (the band's Peel sessions) but don't remember a great deal about them. I would love to have millions of amusing anecdotes, you know, about things that we got up, but frankly I would have to make them up, to be honest.")


  • jp150499.mp3
  • 01:49:34
  • Many thanks to max-dat.
  1. Requested by Charlotte: "my favourite song ever".
  2. Requested by Tim: "my favourite band ever."
  3. Later signed to Spanish label, Primeros Pasitos, and released the track on the album, Compactor, in 2002.
  4. From Slovakia.
  5. Ween cover.
  6. Another Tim & Charlotte request.
  7. JP unsure of the track title as the CD has become displaced from its box.

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