• 2004-01-14
  • Peel mentions that he has a copy of the debut Franz Ferdinand LP (and taps the CD case on air to prove it) but cannot play it due to an embargo until Monday 19th January.
  • Having played a cover of "The Tide Is High" on last night's show, Peel had referred to it as a Blondie song when the original was performed by the Paragons. To make up for the slight mistake the original version is given a spin.
  • The title of the Unfinished Sympathy session track "Convinced Lamarckist" sparks some debate. Inviting listeners to provide an explanation, Peel learns that it refers to the pre-Darwinian theory of evolution propounded by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck.
  • Peel also learns that Prednison is a steroid used in the treatment of asthma.
  • The I Am Kloot LP had been given to John by the Cranebuilders when they met in Groningen.
  • JP: "Over the Christmas and New Year period, while the rest of you were having fun, I was trying to catch up on the backlog of unheard records. I listened to - I didn't count them exactly - but it was something in the area of 1600 CDs."



JP: "I should warn you at this stage of the programme that it's not impossible that in the course of the next couple of hours you may hear words or possibly even concepts if we do our job properly that could cause you offence. So if you feel that you are likely to be offended by anything that may be in the programme, then perhaps you should switch over to Radio 2 where the Rip Johnson programme has live sounds from the Trent Mellis Four and a live interview with ITV's Vanessa Mint."
Starts playing Project Omeaga track by mistake (Wrong Track Moment).
JP: "Well I think that's one of the very best Pig's big 78s that we've had... I do vaguely remember singing that as a child."


  • John_Peel_20040114.mp3
  • 2:00:30

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