• 1980-01-14


  • Magazine #4. First broadcast of session, recorded 7-1-1980.
  • Adicts #1. Repeat of sole session, recorded 20-11-1979 and first broadcast 05 December 1979.

(Please add details of any commercial releases of these sessions)


JP: "Chart bound sounds! Well who can say. But I hope so."
  • Magazine: Look What Fear Has Done To My Body (session)
  • Sam and Dave: I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down (b-side 'Soothe Me' 7")
  • Adicts: Get Addicted (session)
JP: "I went up to Edinburgh over the weekend... and had a thoroughly good time there. Well, I say a thoroughly good time, I mean it was cold and things and I got a bit bored because I had to hang around for a long time before the gig started, but once it got going it was fairly good. Except that every time I put a loud record on that people could dance to, the records jumped about rather a lot so I had to follow them with a rather boring record which would clear the floor you see, so we could get everything to quieten down a little bit."
(cut, tape ends)


  • John Peel 1980-01-14 incomplete.mp3
  • 15:10
  • Recording captures the first 15 minutes of the show, which wasn't documented on the tape.
  • File created from T203 and digitised by Dr_Mango.

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