• 1980-04-14
  • Introducing the first Bodysnatchers session track, Peel remarks that he had done some "rather bizarre" TV work with them over the weekend. It seems most likely that this was for ITV's Saturday morning show Tiswas.
  • Peel had done a gig in Middlesbrough the previous weekend and was given the Tick Tick and Xtreme singles while he was there.
  • Peel points out that Boys Next Door have changed their name to Birthday Party.
  • After the last session track by Diagram Brothers, John comments, "When I win the pools - I haven't got much longer to do it, only a few more weeks and I refuse to do the Australian pools it's really a bit stupid I think - when I do win the pools, bands like the Diagram Brothers will work as often as they want to. I shall establish a chain of venues all over the country."
  • Three tracks are played from the forthcoming new LP by Burning Spear, "Hail H.I.M".
  • Hinton Box recording captures only the first and last tracks and (nearly) the end of the show for the first time. These are marked §.



  • Files a & c begin at start of show
  • Beat: 'Mirror In The Bathroom (7")' (Go-Feet) §
(JP: 'Course if that doesn't go straight to number one, they'll say, "Of course, it's all Peel's fault, you know, we shouldn't have asked him in the first place."')
(JP: 'Well that's a thoroughly chilling piece, I think you'll agree. Starts off like a kind of female Ian Dury and then becomes dead serious towards the end.')


  • a) 1980-04-14 John Peel Radio 1 (Incomplete).mp3
  • b) BH013 JP 1980-04-14 Side B
  • c) 1980-04-04 Peel Show DB161 DB162.mp3
  • a) 01:58:44
  • b) 00:06:18
  • c) 01:34:00