• 1982-07-13
  • The first file contains edited tracks from the first hour of the show. No Peel links, and some electrical interference perhaps introduced during the ripping process. The tracks have been taken from Karl's Tape Early July 1982 and it is possible that several earlier tracks on that tape are also from this show.
  • The second file covers around the last hour of the show, ending at the pips.
  • Peel says a lot of bands aren’t willing to do You'll Never Walk Alone in their sessions and praises the Crabs for their “brave version”.
  • A listener helpfully points out from the Radio Times that the producers of both the Terry Wogan and Jimmy Young shows are also called Walters, wonders whether there is some kind of conspiracy and dastardly plot. JP thinks this is a good point.
  • The 1979 Echo & The Bunnymen session is being played in response to a request. Peel says it still sounds wonderful.



JP: "In order to make up for saying that Captain Sensible was a has-been at the start of the programme, I shall now play you three of his favourite records. Or this is what he told Smash Hits anyway. The first, and perhaps rather surprisingly, coming from Wire."

(Radio One Roadshow trailer)

  • Birthday Party: Junkyard (LP - Junkyard) 4AD
  • Crabs: Stalemate (session)
  • Thirteen At Midnight: Other Passengers (single) Pure
  • John has to fade out the last track before the end of the show but promises to play the full track the following night, which he does.


  • 1a) _292_820713a.aif
  • 1b) _292_820713b.aif
  • Early July 82.mp3
  • 47.57
  • 17.13
  • 2:04:56 (from 1:43:58)

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