• 1985-08-13
  • Peel mentions his newspaper review of the previous Sunday (11 Aug.) about an night at the ICA (presumably an ICA Rock Week event) featuring Champion Doug Veitch, Mathias Santing(??) and Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle, which took place the night after FSK's session was played on his show (of 06 August 1985).
  • Peel mentions his all time favourite LP is Misty In Roots' Live At The Counter Eurovision 79.
  • Peel plays a track from the Remayns covering the Byrds' Why?.
  • File 1 has a 45 minute segment from near the start of the show.


(All Fall sessions available on the 6-CD set 'The Complete Peel Sessions', Castle Music, 2005)


  • File 3 begins at the start of show
  • File 1 cuts in
  • Primevals: Living In Hell (single) New Rose
  • Wedding Present: Go Out And Get 'Em Boy (7") Reception REC 001
(JP - 'That's the debut single - weeks old by now. I notice that one of the reviewers in the music weeklies gave it an unfavourable review so already the Wedding Present backlash has started clearly. Lots of friends of course have scored a great number of cultural points over me by knowing lots of records I don't know from parts of the world about which I know nothing at all. I think I've scored one over them this week....')
(JP - 'How nice it would be to hear some of that played on daytime radio. In fact, we're banking on you Simon....')
(JP: 'And I think to end tonight's programme some communist mutants from space')


  • 1) 1985-08-13 Tape 387
  • 2) 1985-07-22, 08-12, 09-03, 09-04, 10-30 & 11-05.mp3 (misdated)
  • 3) 020A-B0726XXXXXXX-0100A0.mp3
  • 4) 020A-B9960XXXXXXX-0100A1.mp3
  • 1) 44:52
  • 2) 24:30 (3:07 to 8:54))
  • 3) 1:07:18
  • 4) 0:52:44
  • File 1 created from T387 of 400 Box, ripped by Weatherman22.
  • File 2 taken from a haul of 1500 mixed edited radio show tapes, purchased from a Scottish collector by a group including Peel Mailing List member Haze.
  • Files 3 and 4 are recordings at the British Library

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