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12 September 1978

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  • 1978-09-12
  • According to The Peel Sessions (p. 102), this was the show in which Teenage Kicks was played for the first time by JP (along with the rest of the EP). Unfortunately, this historic occasion isn’t part of the sections of the programme that are currently available, which total around 55 minutes.
  • Peel mentions his recent holiday in France.
  • Tracks are played from the forthcoming Sham 69 album, which eventually didn’t include ’No Entry’ when released, although the track was later added as a bonus on CD re-releases.


(Please add details of any commercial release of these sessions)


(JP: 'Isn't that the most wonderful record you've ever heard?')
  • Sean Tyla: It’s Going To Rain (session) (back announced)
(File cuts in)
(JP: “I know it is not very fashionable these days to like the Pleasers – “power pop”, everybody sneers – but poo to the moaning minnies, say I. I get all this stuff out of the morning papers incidentally.”)
(JP: “And the sleevenote features dance instructions that read like a wife-swapping party in hell. But you can try them if you like.”)
(tape flip)
(JP: “And the last from the excellent Prefects…”)
(end of show)


  • 1978-09-12a (Prefects, Sean Tyla)
  • 1978-09-12b (Prefects, Sean Tyla)
  • 37.25
  • 18.08
  • Many thanks to the original taper and CCM.
  • File created from T031 of 400 Box.

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