• 2002-11-12



JP: "Well they may sound like rough boys, but I know they love their mothers - with a white wine sauce and some shallots."
  1. This Is About The City
  2. Only Child Explosion
  3. Live Trap
  4. You Devil You
  5. Improvised Encore
JP: "Rather sad actually, because that record's got a crack right across it and it will almost certainly be the last time that it's ever played cos it's going to fall in half. So it's kind of a dying record. That's an awful thought, isn't it?"
JP: "One of the most romantic moments of my entire life actually, in a sense, was - I was waiting on Stowmarket station, this was a year or so ago, there was quite a thick fog and the train was very, very late and I was feeling a little fed up to be perfectly honest with you. And then I could hear echoing from a warehouse on an industrial estate behind the station this song. It just seemed the perfect thing in the perfect place at the perfect time."
JP: "God, I love Roy."
Peel has trouble getting the next track to play.
JP: "What happens actually of course, is people come into this studio - obviously I'm not the only person who uses it - and they set it to do things like make sloe gin and do other clever things. Count election returns. And then don't set it back to where it's supposed to be, so when I come in, things like that happen. I know you think it's me being - it is me being incompetent up to a point, but at the same time it's intensely irritating and I wish they'd - as it were - neutralise the studio."
Starts playing the end of the programme news jingle prematurely (Wrong Track Moment).


  • John_Peel_20021112.mp3
  • 2:00:30
  1. Liverpool had been knocked out of the Champions League at the group stage that evening following a 3-3 draw away at Swiss club Basel. Having been 3-0 down within the opening 30 minutes they had fought back in the second half to level the match, but were unable to score the winner they needed (BBC match report).

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