• 1995-05-12
  • File a) is the last 93 minutes of the show. File b) is a selection of tracks from Dat 081 (§).


  • Papa Wemba, #2. Recorded 1995-03-14. No known commercial release.
  • Elevate, #2. Recorded 1995-04-06. No known commercial release.


File a begins

(JP: 'A side preceded by B side preceded by incoherent DJ.')
('I keep reading in the papers about how uncool Banco Di Gaia is, but who wants to be cool?')
(JP: 'Of course, it's now Saturday, it's six minutes into Saturday, in fact. Eurovision Song Contest, eh? How you're going to fit that in with your round the clock listening to Radio 1 I'm not quite sure, but I don't think anything that's going to come up in the Eurovision Song Contest is quite going to beat Cliff Richard singing 'Congratulations' to the Queen Mother on VE Day, which seemed to me to say so much about the state of the nation, really. I mean, it's one of those things that I've been sitting thinking about that for hour on end, and musing on life, and getting really pretty depressed.') [1]


  • a) Peel Show 1995-05-12 (incomplete)
  • b) Dat_081_JP-MIX_BBCR1-
  • a) 01:32:05
  • b) 03:55:38 (from 01:43:54 to 02:40:00) 01:43:54 to 02:16:18 unique
  • a) File created from CB079 of 500 Box. Original files were running slowly: these have been speed adjusted and edited into one by SIG.
  • b) Many thanks to Max-dat.
  1. Those with strong stomachs can see what John is talking about here.

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